Diving South Africa

Diving South Africa

Diving South Africa can be an extremely exciting adventure and is certainly not for the faint harted. Most dive sites in South Africa and Mozambique are only accessible by RIB or rubber duck and most launches are through the surf zone. Dive sites in Africa do not have people to kit up you dive gear for you, as in many other diving destinations, so if you are a bit rusty start practicing.

What is interesting about diving in South Africa is that you get good diving all year round. Yes you have bad days like most dive sites in the world, but if you are in the right place at the right time, you will have a dive experience that you will remember for the rest of you life. What is so rewarding about diving South Africa is that South Africa is a beauituful country with so much diversity, adventure, culture, history and natural beauity. So if the diving conditions are not great, you are at least stuck in one of the most beauituful countries in the world and not some barren desert, or island that is baking hot and only 200 meters in diameter.

Our company is based in South Africa and specializes in African diving and wildlife safaris. We have the experience, knowlege, passion and credentials to ensure that you have a life time experience. In Africa its not only the dive condition that change, it is a continent that you can feel the force of nature every minute of the day, its raw and not artificial, and takes a guide with extensive experience and knowledge of Africa to be able to react to these ever changing conditions.

A diving safari in South Africa and Mozambique is not to be missed, as there is no continent in the world that can match the wildlife experience that we have to offer. If you decide to come, keep an open mind, be flexable, and remember that not all dive sites or game reserves have the standard european plug points (get an adapter that fits a round pin wall plug).

The dream of diving one day with sharks or on a tropical reef, and the next day tracking african elephants or just observing a white rhino only 40 meters away while you are on walking a guided trail is very real. This our world, let us take you there.


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