Sodwana Bay



Sodwana Bay is South Africa's most exciting diving spot with Indo-Atlantic species of coral and other sea-life. More than 1200 species of fish are found at Sodwana Bay, as well as bottle-nosed dolphins, sharks, whale sharks and turtles. A great variety of viewing is found on the various reefs, with hard corals, abundant life forms, and pinnacles, buttresses, caves and blow holes. Sodwana Bays Reefs vary from a few meters to over 30 meters. Many reefs are found at 18 meters or less. Visibility at Sodwana can be anywhere between 10 to almost 40 meters, with the best visibility to be found in the winter months. Sodwana Bays reef formations are divided into a number of reefs parallel to the shore. 

Sodwana Bay is situated within South Africa`s first world heritage site the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park, renowned for the leatherback and loggerback turtles who lay their eggs in the same place every year, as they've been doing for 200 million years. Sodwana is approximately 4 hours drive from Durban, and is well worth a 3 - 7 day stay.

Sodwana Bay can be dived throughout the year, with the best conditions between April and September. Temperatures range from 21 degrees at the least, but are usually between 24 and 28 degrees. 

Popular dive sites at Sodwana Bay include

2 Mile Reef
To view an amazing variety of tropical fish, and shoals of Moorish Idols, Big-eyes, Snappers etc, this dive is excellent, with common sightings of Big potato Bass, Marbled Rays and other exciting species. The coral forms various structures and shapes, and is beautiful to see.

Quarter Mile Reef
Dived most often in January and February when the Ragged -toothed sharks congregate here.

Stringer Reef
A small reef at a depth of 14 metres and has the greatest diversity of species.

Four and Five Mile Reef
Situated eight kilometres from Jesser Point. This deeper reef has a predominance of branching, table and plate corals. With drop-offs and mushroom-shaped pinnacles, and a great diversity of sea-life.

Seven Mile Reef
Situated 11 km north of Jesser Point and has beautiful overhangs, drop-offs and mushroom rocks.

Nine Mile Reef
This is the northern-most reef of the Sodwana Complex and ranges from 6 m to 21 m. There are stunning hard corals on the seaward side of the reef.

There are wonderful formations of coral to be found, resembling caves, over-hangs and swimming alleys. Various species are to be found here.

Night dives
Due to the stable sea conditions Sodwana is an excellent dive site for night dives. Coral polyps come out to feed and the invertebrates and use the cover of darkness to clamber over the reefs.

During the summer months loggerhead and leatherback turtles come onto Sodwana Bays beaches to nest. There are only a few remaining coastlines in the world today that one can still have the privellage of viewing these amazing creatures laying their eggs. Nests are marked and are not to be disturbed.



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