Protea Banks

Protea Banks, Shelly Beach on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Rated as one of the top shark dive sites in the world, and is definitely marked as a site for the serious adventure seeker. Protea Banks is situated 8 km offshore and the depth ranges between 8m and 40m. There is often a current of 4 or 5 knots, and therefore only experienced divers are recommended for this site. If you are new to diving, log up a few deep dives and aslo include some drift dives, as these are the common conditions on Protea Banks.

Various shark species may be seen, including Zambesi, Tiger, Ragged tooth, Hammerhead, which are frequent sightings, and Bronze whalers, White Tips, Threshers and the occasional Great White have all been found on Protea Banks. Protea Banks is a one and a half hour drive south of Durban. This is personally one of my favorite dive spots but dont expect Protea Banks to reveal its treasures on your first two dives. For those who are seriouse about shark diving and are prepared to hang in, you could be rewarded with an experience that few dive sites in the world can match.

Once you have experienced Protea Banks at its best, its no use telling other divers about it, as they simply wont beleive you.

Dive Only R 150.00
Dive + Cylinder R 180.00
Dive + Cylinder + Weights R 200.00
Dive + Full Kit R 300.00
Airfill R 20.00
Nitrox Fill R 40.00
Equipment Rental R 30.0 per item per dive

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